Expand your Reiki Practice

Expand Your Reiki Practice is a series of workshops designed for existing Reiki practitioners of any level or lineage. These workshops are designed to help students deepen their understanding of Reiki Ryoho concepts from the traditional Japanese perspective in order to support the student's commitment to ongoing learning and to help enhance their personal practice


In these workshops, we examine and discuss topics, techniques, and practices associated with the traditional Japanese-style. Existing Reiki practitioners of any lineage are welcome to attend in order to augment their training and increase their understanding of the spiritual roots and practices of Reiki that may not be offered in Western Reiki lineages.


Please Note:

  • Pre-registration is required for all classes

  • Register EARLY to assure your spot!

  • Please indicate class date when registering

  • Open to ALL existing Reiki Practitioners, any level, any lineage!

2018 Class Dates

Anatomy, the Chakras, & Reiki

In this class we cover Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the human body, overview of the seven major Chakras, and how this relates to a Reiki Practice.  


As Reiki practitioners when giving a session, it is a good idea to be generally familiar with human anatomy, to have an idea of what we are touching when we place our hands, and what the sensations felt may or may not mean. In this VERY interesting class we cover Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the human body, overview of the seven major Chakras, and tie it all in to how it relates to a Reiki Practice We start by gaining a basic understanding of the human body and how it functions. Then we overlay that foundation with an overview of the seven major energetic Chakra systems and examine how they correspond to the physical systems. Finally, we overlay that with how we can use and apply this knowledge during a Reiki session, helping us to a deeper understanding and enhancement of our skills as a Reiki practitioner.


Manual will be provided

Bring a Notebook and Pen!

Open to existing Reiki practitioners of ANY level or lineage!

No reiju is given
Min. attendees to hold class: 4
Max. attendees: 10
Pre-registration is required.

Class is approved for 4 CE (Continuing Education) hours through  NCBTMB

2018 Dates
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Self-care investment: $75

Living the Gokai

In this interactive class, we examine each of the Five Reiki Principles (Gokai) in detail, and discuss how students can incorporate them into their daily lives and practices in order to deepen their spiritual growth, strengthen their Reiki practice, and learn to not only 'live' the Gokai, but also to 'be' the Gokai.


Students will learn and practice chanting the Principles in both Japanese and English.


Manual will be provided.
Bring a Notebook and Pen!
Open to existing Reiki practitioners of ANY level or lineage!

No reiju is given


1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Self-care investment: $75

Healing the Ancestors

Through a series of experiential exercises, we will utilize the #3 symbol to journey into the past to heal past issues and problems, family and ancestral issues and situations, and have a look at the causes and remedies for genetic pre-disposition to disease.


This class will be the first in a series of these exercises as it will take time to become familiar and proficient at the process. We will be lying on the floor so be sure to bring Pillows, Blankets, and Futons to make yourself comfy.


Open to existing 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioners of ANY Lineage

No reiju is given



Self-care investment: $--

Refund policy:

If class has to be cancelled for any reason, you will be notified and refunded any monies paid within 30 days of the class date. You also have the option to take the class at a later date.


If you are not able to attend the class, you must notify us within 10 days prior to start of class date to receive a full refund less any applicable credit card or Paypal fees. Otherwise, you have the option to either take the class at a later date, or have the tuition less $50 cancellation fee refunded to you within 30 days of the class date.


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Auburn Reiki Center is an Approved Continuing Education Provider through NCBTMB as well as Approved Rehabilitaiton Training Facility through the State of California!

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