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Reiki treatment assists the body in restoring balance for improved physical & emotional health & supports the body’s self-healing ability. Beneficial for stress relief, anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, digestive issues, emotional healing & well-being.

Massage Therapy


As infants, the first sensation we respond to is touch. In a 1990 study, premature babies who were given regular massages showed more rapid weight gain and were released from the hospital days earlier than non-massaged babies. Throughout our lives, touch remains a powerful experience. More than just a "feel-good" experience, massage is the general term that describes a variety of techniques applying touch to the human body for therapeutic purposes. Although there are many different types of massage, they share certain recognized benefits: tension and stress reduction, improved oxygen and nutrient flow to tissues, positive immune system response, pain and fatigue reduction, alleviation of depression symptoms and an enhanced overall sense of well-being. While massage therapy alone is no substitute for medical care, it can prove a remarkably effective complement to mainstream health care. As a non-invasive, drug-free approach to health, a number of types of massage therapy have gained widespread popularity. 

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Auburn Reiki Center is an Approved Continuing Education Provider through NCBTMB as well as Approved Rehabilitaiton Training Facility through the State of California!

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Disclaimer: Reiki treatment is for the purpose of relaxation and is not intended as a substitute for qualified medical care, but may be used in conjunction with medical or therapeutic treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe or treat disease. A Reiki session is not intended to take the place of a treatment by a licensed physician.