You can't pour from an empty cup....

October 18, 2015


One of the things I've observed throughout the years as a Reiki teacher is that many people (including and especially my own students) make the decision to become Reiki practitioners after receiving Reiki treatments and experiencing amazing results first hand.


But once they've been Reiki trained, I've noticed an interesting phenomena occur: the practitioner gets so busy GIVING Reiki, they stop RECEIVING Reiki! I'm not sure if it's because the practitioner now feels that they should only give to others as since they have the ability to self-heal, they no longer need to receive treatment from others, or if there is some other reason.


While it's true that there are self-healing techniques taught in Reiki, there is nothing quite like the DELICIOUSNESS of completely letting go and relaxing into the healing energy. This is difficult to do when doing self-healing because there is a certain amount of physical tension involved having to hold your own hands on yourself, making it almost impossible to achieve that profound state of total relaxation that is necessary for the deep healing to occur.


So whether you are a practitioner or new to Reiki and would like to experience a session to see what all the fuss is about, do take the time to make an appointment with a well-qualified, trusted Reiki practitioner. Gift yourself with an hour or so of nurturing and caring for your mind, body and spirit, and surrender your being to the astounding experience we call Reiki. Fill you OWN cup first to overflowing so you can then share that abundance with others in the way you see fit.

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