Why Choose Auburn Reiki Center?
  •  Established in 1997, ARC is an actual SCHOOL of Reiki, and as such we're nationally accredited to give CE hours for our classes.

  • We are also an Authorized Rehabilitaion Training Facility through the State of California Department of Rehablitaion.


  • Many places may offer Reiki in addition to their other modalities and services, however, we are the ONLY Center dedicated SOLELY to the practice of Reiki in our area.


  • We offer a clearly presented, comprehensive Reiki training program based on researched, verifiable facts in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment.


  • Our staff and students are well-trained, well-experienced, and knowledgeable.


  • We provide ongoing classes, Reiki related events, and continued support to help you on your Reiki journey.




  • Oh! We almost forgot….and when you have completed all the required class requisites and receive your class certificate? You get CAKE!





·         Beautiful healing atmosphere. Will return. - Catherine V.


·         I had an unbelievable experience at Auburn Reiki Center. Cerise was very professional and kind. Her experience and kindness made my visit a very memorable one. If you haven't tried Reiki and are struggling with outer and inner struggles, then an appointment with the owner, Cerise, is a must! I highly recommend her for all healing needs. She is one of a kind, and her own life journey helps her be a huge asset to her company. - Karrie Tracewell

·         My experience with Cerise was wonderful... number one she made me feel better! I learned a lot and look forward to another session with her. I appreciated her knowledge & passion! – Jan H.

·         This was my first visit. I had lots of misconceptions about what Reiki consisted of. I wasn't expecting much, but little did I know that I would feel so good!!! I highly recommend! – Nara L.


·         Great massage and treatment! I am going back again for my well-being. Thanks! – Sandy S.


·         Was very relaxing and felt very good after my session! Hoping the warmth and good feelings continue. - Susanne O.


·         ​I've been coming to Auburn Reiki Center for years for Reiki classes and Reiki treatments. If you have never heard of Reiki, their website is a great resource for accurate information. The owner, Cerise, is passionate about teaching and giving Reiki and does so in a relaxing and inviting environment. I feel grateful to have such an informative (and accurate) Reiki resource so close to Sacramento! I also need to mention how truly life-changing Reiki has been for me. As both a healing practice and spiritual path, there is not a day that goes by that I don't ‘use’ Reiki in some way. It has brought me peace, relaxation and healing in very profound ways that are difficulty to describe. I highly recommend Cerise and Auburn Reiki Center if you are considering a Reiki treatment or class! Amazing! – Sharmain S.


·         ​Excellent experience. I'll definitely be returning! - Lillie S.


·         I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my first Reiki session, but I could not have left happier. My time with Cerise was truly wonderful. She obviously has a deep knowledge of not only Reiki, but many other healing modalities as well. She had a refreshing no-nonsense approach to her practice while still holding it in the respectful light it deserves. She knew exactly what my body needed and she provided it with an effortless joy. I couldn't be more thankful. – Nick S.


·         Thank you for a lovely, restorative session yesterday! I was able to sleep continuously through the night for the first time in over a week! Thank you for providing me with such a comprehensive therapy session and an introduction to Ortho-Bionomy®. You touched on so many areas in need of attention on my body. I feel so much better today, with a significant reduction in inflammation all throughout my body. I also really loved that you sang during the session. It added a level of nurturing and comfort that was unexpected, but so soothing. Thank you! -Angela, Sacramento, CA

·         Our Reiki Circle event tonight was wonderful. There was such a feeling of camaraderie, and the atmosphere was light-hearted and peaceful. This is such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this circle to anyone who wants to learn more about Reiki. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful experience. -G


·         I most enjoyed the balance achieved between a friendly, non-threatening environment, and a professional, high-quality educational experience. Serious enough to feel like a real learning experience, yet light enough to be fun and enjoyable. - Lerin Staub-Reiki Student


·         I wanted to share that I send you gratitude and love EVERY SINGLE DAY for how you have helped me (with my illness.)  After six months of fear and frustration and anger and surrender and desperation, you popped up and gave me the answer. You have changed my life immensely, and positively...every day I am sending wishes for that to cascade back into your own life in spades (smile). Cerise, thank you and infinite gratitude to you again -Hugs, love – Anna D.


·         This place is Divine Bliss and Cerise LaCore is the REAL DEAL!! – Brigitte Parvin-Reiki Student


·         I have been going to Cerise for many years for massage, Reiki, and more recently Bio-identical hormone testing and balancing and nutrition counseling.  I have found Cerise to be very intuitive and the type of person that listens and is able to help you with whatever your problem might be. I recommended Cerise highly! – Avril G.


·         My experience with Cerise is twofold.  First, I've had the honor of being blessed in being Cerise's Reiki student through both First and Second Degrees.  Her expertise, coupled with her ever amazing intuition, has given me a step up on my journey towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner.  Second, her skills as a Natural Health consultant are aiding me on my path to healing.  She's zeroed in on what needs healing and is giving me the expert advice, and knowledge I need to totally cure myself! – Jill B.


·         It is very evident that Reiki is Cerise's passion, and she strives to be the best practitioner and teacher she can. She requires a lot from her students, but only to ensure that they in turn are the best practitioners they can be also. I have known Cerise for many years now, and she is continually guiding me through her wealth of knowledge and helping teach me to use the gift of Reiki to enhance ALL aspects of my life. I couldn't be more blessed or grateful. – Jessica S.-Reiki Student


·         Through Reiki, Cerise greatly enhanced my prognosis, mental outlook, and emotional well-being after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2006. Today, all these years later, I continue to be cancer free and am still an active client and advocate of her services as an adjunctive therapy and complement to traditional cancer treatments and clinical trials. – Pam L.


·         I cannot fully express how much I have enjoyed these Reiki classes with Cerise LaCore. I did Reiki 1 & 2 more than fifteen years ago, but I did not get nearly as much experience with it as I have here with Cerise. The training here was much more thorough and then it is followed up with a mini-internship where we are required to do a number of Reiki treatments and journal our experiences before we are allowed to receive certification. Cerise, I am so very thankful for this requirement before certification. It has really gotten me to do so many sessions I lost count. I have done way more sessions that I have recorded for the class requirements. - Steve B.-Reiki Student


·         ​I am a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience. In 14+ of those years I have in some way or another been associated with this amazing healer. Cerise and I have shared patients/clients for many years and there is no one I would trust more -- not only for her knowledge, but for her genuine intuitive healing abilities. Run, don't walk to get to see her. If I wasn't 400 miles away, I would still be working with her. - Craig Ross, DC


·         After relocating, it took a while to find the perfect match practitioner for me ....and Cerise is definitely the answer to my search. Great practitioner, delightful person, and a very inspired Reiki Shihan (teacher)! – Terry Attwood


·         Thank you to this beautiful lady. Cerise, you have made me find my life's purpose ❤️ I will never be the same after spending just 2 hours with you. I will forever be grateful. I can't wait to start helping people; the one thing I have always wanted to do, but just didn't know where to start. I'm so glad I found you. – Devon Gravatt

Address: 101 Orange St, Auburn, Ca 95603

Email : info@auburnreikicenter.com

Phone: 530-691-1234

Auburn Reiki Center is an Approved Continuing Education Provider through NCBTMB as well as Approved Rehabilitaiton Training Facility through the State of California!

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